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"Color Revolutions" - Madison Avenue Marketing and the Obama - Brzezinski Axis

Barack Obama's campaign was a high-dollar Madison Avenue generated marketing campaign. In that sense, it was little different from say the rollout of a new car, or public relations commercials to get you to feel good about buying cheese. In fact, Barack Obama's election was a "color revolution" - a slick advertising campaign, with staged PR events, shills, media manipulation, and a slogan imprinting. Obama's focus color was light blue. But other such color revolutions have been designed by the same marketing gurus, and implemented elsewhere, with exactly the same objective - to further the political aims of the corporate elite.

This audio clip is an excerpt from an NPR segment (paid for with US taxpayer money), which outlines the Madison Avenue designed "green revolution" currently being staged in Iran. Similarly to what has recently happened in the U.S., success in Iran will also be to the benefit of the corporate elite who are anteing up the funds for this campaign.

In Obama's case, the corporations who got him elected thus scored trillions in free money from U.S. taxpayers, in the form of bogus 'bailouts'. The outcome of the color revolution designed for Iran is yet to be determined.

Below you will find an interesting PDF file with actual "Green Revolution" posters cleverly designed by marketing students in New York. They display the same well-funded slick imaginativeness used in the Obama 'revolution'.

For more information on the people behind the campaign, see;


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